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2010 Rate Case Application

PNGTS Notice of Rate Change, Docket No. RP10-___

Schedule G-1 - Revenues by Contract - RP10 - FINAL
Schedule G-2 - Revenues by Contract - ADJUSTED - RP10 - FINAL
Schedule G-3 - Billing Determinant Adjustments - RP10 - FINAL
Schedule G-4 - At Risk Revenues - FINAL
Schedule G-5 - Other Revenues - FINAL

Schedule G-6 - Miscellaneous Revenues - FINAL
Schedule I-5 - FINALSchedule J-1 - RP10
Schedule J-2 - RP10
Statement G - RP10
Statement J - RP10
Statement O - FINAL
Statements and Schedules A-F, H, I, L, M
Tariff Sheets
Tariff Sheets - REDLINE
Transmittal Letter

Haag - Exhibit Nos. 1-6
Haag Affidavit
Exhibit No. PNG-01 - Haag Testimony
Exhibit No. PNG-02 - PNGTS System Map
Exhibit No. PNG-03 - Proof of Revenues
Exhibit No. PNG-04 - Tariff Sheets
Exhibit No. PNG-04 - Tariff Sheets - REDLINE
Exhibit No. PNG-05 - Shipper Involvement in Phase IV Expansion
Exhibit No. PNG-06 - Engineering Estimate

Sullivan - Exhibit Nos. 7-15
Exhibit No. PNG-7-9
Exhibit No. PNG-10
Exhibit No. PNG-11
Exhibit No. PNG-12
Exhibit No. PNG-13
Exhibit No. PNG-14
Exhibit No. PNG-15
Sullivan Affidavit

Taylor - Exhibit Nos. 16-18
Taylor Affidavit
Exhibit No. PNG-16
Exhibit No. PNG-17
Exhibit No. PNG-18

Lovinger - Exhibit Nos. 19-21
Lovinger Affidavit
Exhibit No. PNG-19 Lovinger Direct Testimony 051010
Exhibit No. PNG-20
Exhibit No. PNG-21

Kirk - Exhibit Nos. 22-24
Kirk Affidavit
Exhibit No PNG-22 Kirk DirTest 5-11-10 (2)
Exhibit No. PNG-23 Kirk WCSB_5-11-2010
Exhibit No. PNG-24 Kirk Levelization Model_5-11-2010

Hevert - Exhibit Nos. 25-54
Hevert Affidavit
Exhibit No. PNG-25
Exhibit No. PNG-37
Exhibit Nos. PNG-26-36
Exhibits Nos. PNG-52 - 54

Reed - Exhibit Nos. 38-47
Reed Affidavit
Exhibit No. PNG-38 - PUBLIC Reed Testimony
Exhibit No. PNG-39 - Resume of John J. Reed
Exhibit No. PNG-40 - Expert Testimony Listing of John J. Reed
Exhibit No. PNG-41 - Delivered Cost Analysis
Exhibit No. PNG-42 - Proxy Group Company FERC-Approved Pipeline Expansion Projects
Exhibit Nos. PNG-43 through PNG-47

Sieppert - Exhibit Nos. 48-51
Sieppert Affidavit
Exhibit No. 48 - Sieppert Testimony
Exhibit No. PNG-49 - Service Company Costs

Exhibit No. PNG-50 - Pipe Integrity Costs
Exhibit PNG-51 - Sieppert Cost of Service Schedules


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